qualified referrals were passed around by our members in 2018.


worth of business benefited our members from qualified referrals last year.


is our target for 2019. We would like for you to be part of that growth so join us!

The Northwest Referral Partners business networking group is a spirited group of professionals that meet on a weekly basis in Mill Creek. Networking is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with local business people across a variety of industries. It is said that we all know at least 200 people. Joining the Northwest Referral Partners group is a great way to harness the contacts of other like-minded professionals in order tog grow your business via word-of-mouth marketing.

Our members pay two fees.

First: An annual fee of $108 that is due every January. In the year that you join, you pay only for the number of months left in the year. This membership fee goes toward buying supplies and paying for events for the group. Once a member accepted, these fees are non-refundable.

Second: A monthly meeting fee of $28. This fee buys coffee and other refreshments, as well as paying for our meeting space and table set up.

Having good attendance is very important to building strong networking relationships, s we’ve instituted an attendance policy. Within each half of the year (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec), members are allowed to be absent 3 times and send a substitute 3 times. Additional absences may be excused on a case-by-case basis.

I will provide my services in a professional and ethical manner.

I will promote a positive environment and keep the best interest of other members in mind.

I will adhere to the rules and regulations of the group.

I will treat all referrals from the group in a responsible and professional manner.

I will be an active participant in the group by passing referrals, bringing in new members, and helping with administrative activities as requested.

Do I have to join right away?

As much as we’d love to have you visit, we love even more for you to join us! You’re welcome to attend up to two meetings as a visitor before turning in your application.


Compared to cold-call leads, a referral-based business means:

…a shorter and easier time to close the sale

…you close more sales – so your business is more profitable

…a higher retention rate with new customers

…you get second-generation referrals – so you get more business with less effort!

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